6 Online Learning Platforms to Upskill and Find New Hobbies

Many were stuck at home when the pandemic started in 2020. Schools had to be shut down for the safety of the teachers, especially the students. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that there are more than 7 million college students enrolled in distance learning classes at degree-granting universities and colleges. But college and university students are not the only ones. Around 68% of online students today are experienced professionals.

So why are there many people taking online classes? It’s not the lack of anything to do. Online education is safe. Students don’t need to attend face-to-face classes. Most online course providers offer classes for free, too. Meanwhile, others offer a paid subscription in exchange for the classes they provide. Others require a one-time fee so that students can access a broader range of subjects and classes.

But aside from the flexible payment options, courses offered online cover a wide range of subjects and topics. They may include classes about career development, sports, arts and crafts, writing, and many more.

In today’s article, learn more about online education providers and the classes they offer. Maybe you can pick up something new to add to your list of skills and talents.

LinkedIn Learning

Many organizations trust LinkedIn Learning to provide skill courses for both employees and company leaders alike. They offer more than 16,000 courses with top technical, business, employment, and creative content subjects.

LinkedIn Learning’s top courses include time management for work-from-home employees, strategic thinking, remote work foundations, learning python, and emotional intelligence development. To access these courses, you should have a paid subscription to their service.



MasterClass features talented people, often celebrities, who teach viewers about their expertise in their field. Its top courses include basketball training by Stephen Curry, writing for television workshop by Shonda Rhimes, filmmaking workshop by Ron Howard, and creativity and leadership workshop by Ana Wintour.

MasterClass courses are available through a monthly subscription.


Coursera features more than 3,000 college-level courses. They are partnered with more than 200 corporate partners and universities to teach these courses. And because they are partnered with hundreds of universities, they offer degrees with corresponding certificates. In fact, Business Insider recommends their digital marketing specialization course, which is part of the University of Illinois’ online MBA degree.

Payment for Coursera’s classes is varied. You can get a certificate for a degree course, but you need to pay a membership fee. There are, however, 1,700 free classes to date. If you want to learn as many as you can, they offer an annual subscription fee for that.


With more than 155,000 courses to date, Udemy is the largest online education platform there is. They cater to students from all walks of life and all ages. They also offer certificates with their paid courses. The cost of their classes is usually free for beginners. For advanced-level classes, the fee is paid on a per-course basis.

Udemy’s courses range from as simple as drawing to as complex as coding a computer program. They offer classes for hobbyists and sports enthusiasts, too. They offer classes in musical instruments, tennis, and even aromatherapy.

Udemy also offers classes for entrepreneurs. With the entrepreneurial skills and marketing strategies you learn, you can run a cleaning business or start a martial arts school with insurance.

Udemy also has a platform that caters to businesses and organizations called the Udemy Business. While there are Udemy classes for free, all Udemy Business courses are paid subscription-based only. They offer classes for employee development, business skills, tech skills, leadership and management, and wellness skills.


Skillshare is the top online education platform to learn practical skills. All their classes are only divided into three categories: Thrive, Build, and Create.

Create is for animators, web developers, UX and UI designers, illustrators, graphic designers, creative writers, filmmakers, and all kinds of artists. Build courses are for companies and entrepreneurs. It has topics ranging from marketing to business management. Thrive, meanwhile, offers productivity and lifestyle classes.

Skillshare offers free courses, but you need to pay for a premium membership to access more topics.

HubSpot Academy

Like Skillshare, HubSpot targets a specific market: online marketers and customer service managers. They are, in fact, the top provider of courses focusing on customer service management, content management, sales, and inbound marketing. Their most popular courses include digital marketing and advertising, social media marketing, and website optimization.

Aside from online courses, HubSpot Academy also offers software training, projects, and certifications.

Learn Something New Today

With a small investment of time, you can learn something new from these online learning platforms’ courses. It’s a great way to study without worrying about the risk of getting exposed to the coronavirus and the additional costs that come with face-to-face classes. Take advantage of these courses today!

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