Accounting Firms, Use These Email Marketing Strategies

People today live in a fiercely competitive world, and you need to use all means at your disposal to grow your accounting firm. One effective tool you can use is email. It’s not just a mode of communication. When used properly, it can amp up your marketing efforts.

Marketing using email is a great idea. There are four billion active email users in the world, according to Statista, an online portal for statistics and database company. Imagine promoting your business to these many users.

If you’re going to market your accounting firm using email and grow your business in the process, take note of these email marketing strategies:

Use Emojis in Your Subject Line

Emojis are smileys and ideograms that can affect the way people read a message. They transcend language barriers and convey the same meanings across different cultures. On top of that, they appeal to everyone, including email users.

If you want to get people to read your content and find out more about the services of your accounting firm, the subject line must be compelling enough to encourage them to read your email. A great way to do this is to include an emoji in the subject line that best expresses the core message of your email.

Send Email Newsletters

Newsletters are an all-purpose email marketing tool. You can use them to educate your audience, make promotional offers of your existing products and services and even provide entertainment in the form of quizzes and surveys. If you intend to create awareness about an accounting problem or a product that your audience can use, newsletters are an excellent platform that you can make.

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Incorporate Video within Your Emails

Text isn’t simply the only option you can include in your email marketing efforts. You can add variety to the emails you send by adding multimedia content, such as videos. If you are going to send your next newsletter, for instance, add video in place of photos.

Just make sure that the multimedia content is relevant to your accounting firm. An example would be including how-to accounting videos in your newsletter. This helps establish you as an authority in your chosen field.

Optimize the Content of Your Email for Mobile Users

Billions of people today are using a smartphone. Most of them use it to read their email messages. If you do not optimize the content of your email for mobile users, they will likely stop reading the email further or worse, delete it. Structuring your emails, therefore, is necessary to allow mobile users to read the content correctly and comfortably.

Adding emojis (or other smileys) in your subject line, sending informative email newsletters regularly, integrating multimedia content like video in your emails, and optimizing your emails for the benefit of mobile users are email marketing strategies you can use to promote your accounting company to your target market.

Marketing your accounting firm is something you must do. Doing so will prevent you from lagging behind your competition. If you are marketing using email for the first time, find out the strategy that will encourage your target audience to purchase the service offered by your business.

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