Al Fresco Dining: Setting Up A Food Business

Because of the recent health crisis, safety protocols urged businesses to pause their operations. Aside from the sudden shift in our economy, our food industry continues to fight through the challenges. Luckily, there’s a huge opportunity to recover these past losses, and the secret lies in outdoor dining.

If there’s one thing that guests like more than dining, it’s one with nature. If done correctly, al fresco dining could be pretty beneficial to establishments that provide outdoor seating. Diners can have a unique and pleasurable culinary experience by having a meal in your restaurant’s garden.

Outdoor Dining

One of the most important considerations for a restaurant owner while putting up an outside dining space is mother nature itself. It has various ways to disrupt your diners’ meal experience, including weather, pests, and other factors. Of course, you’d like them to recall the ambiance and cuisine rather than being assaulted by the elements.

In what ways can you improve your restaurant’s operations? Here are a few strategies for dealing with the elements and keeping your dining place a pleasant experience for your patrons.

Sunny Days

People go to the beachfront and subsequently to your store’s outside patio on those glorious summer days. Anyone who has applied Aloe Vera to their skin after a sunburn understands how much is too much sun. So, keep things comfortable and shady for your diners.

  • Incorporate Umbrellas

Umbrellas are the most adaptable solutions since you can find them in almost any size, form, or shade. Many of them even include personalized branding and visuals, allowing you to identify and promote your business.

  • Use Fans

Fans placed strategically can help maintain your visitors’ comfort. It would be nice to make sure your fans aren’t too powerful. No one wants to seem like they’re eating in a wind tunnel.

  • Add Water Dispensers

It’s critical to stay hydrated on hot days. And if your waiters can’t keep up with the demand for water glasses, it’s best to set up a water dispenser with glasses to allow self-service.

woman feeling cold

Nighttime and Chilly Months

You should provide a solution for your guests to be comfortable and warm regardless of whether your patio restaurant is open late at night or if you’re extending your outside sitting into the winter months.

  • Consider Patio Heaters

These heating systems can be conveniently relocated and kept to meet your changing demands. To keep the heat in, combine with awnings or covered patios.

  • Include Fire Pits

Fire pits are fantastic for summer nights and provide a natural social center, even if they aren’t a viable heat source in the winter.

  • Utilize Blankets

Simple covers could be a cheap alternative to patio lamps and campfires if they are not in the spending plan. It solves the heat issue while giving the hospitality experience a more special connection and helps your clients feel more at ease.

Insects and Pests

Guests should not be swatting flies or smacking insects off their bodies as they try to eat. They must be able to eat in peace. Bug repellant can work, but you don’t want those dangerous substances to end up in your diners’ food. It’s also critical to keep everyone safe from pests.

  • Consider Professional Treatment

Mosquito yard control in the area is one of the most excellent methods to guarantee that pests won’t annoy your visitors while they sit there in the open air. Hiring professionals to come in regularly and conduct fogging treatments will keep insects away from the site. Doing so allows your diners to enjoy the cuisine, atmosphere, and alfresco setting without being bothered by uninvited guests.

  • Eliminate Stagnant Water

Stagnant water attracts mosquitos since it provides an excellent environment for them to deposit their eggs. You should remove any ponds or standing water surrounding your restaurant to keep your visitors safe from these flying insects. Whether the problem comes from sprinklers or dirty water that collects near garbage cans, it should be in your best interest to address it.

  • Improve Your Yard Landscaping

If your restaurant has any landscaping, such as lawns, trees, or bushes, you must maintain them mowed and groomed. This way, you’ll reduce the number of areas where insects would rest and nest.

Moving plants and bushes as far away from dining spaces is also a good idea. Insects aren’t the only ones that hide in these places; other pests like rats and mice could also hide in the plants. Maintaining your landscape benefits diners and improves the appearance of your establishment.

Outdoor dining should be a relaxing and enjoyable encounter for customers. Although nature has other intentions, you need to do all you can to offer diners the ideal experience. Win the war against the elements by fortifying your restaurant from the sun, frost, pests, and other factors.

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