Best At-home Workouts Using Your Bodyweight

When the pandemic was announced last year, what most people were worried about was the fact that gyms had to close down either permanently or temporarily. They needed to do their exercise routines at home, but they didn’t have the gym equipment or tools to do so. The good news is that you don’t need a ton of equipment or any equipment at all to exercise at home. Kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and yoga balls are cheap gym equipment, but they are unnecessary for at-home workouts.

If you don’t have access to a lot of gym equipment at home (and why will you?), it’s perfectly okay to use your body weight to keep your fitness routine. Some people think their options are limited when they only rely on their own weights, but this method is actually one of the best ways to keep fit when you can only exercise at home. Bodyweight exercises mean you are using your own weight to tone every muscle in your body—from your quads to your butt to your chest.

But before you start doing your bodyweight exercises, remember to care for your skin as well. If you don’t, sweating out during workouts may lead to acne breakouts and other types of blemishes. You can find skincare products that will protect your skin from blemishes and keep its glow and suppleness from skincare experts such as Harmony and Wellness. They have a wide range of skincare products derived from natural ingredients that will bring out the best from your skin.


A lot of high-intensity workouts are full of plyometric moves such as jumping. The problem is that jumping is not great for those with joints problems. Luckily, there are HIIT workout routines that will not require you to jump for two straight minutes. Using side kick-throughs and crab toe touches, you can lose the pounds you’re trying to shed off with a HIIT workout. At the same time, those two routines will not hurt your joints. Skater hops are better for people who want more intensity. If you are not sure these bodyweight HIIT exercises are good for you, talk to your doctor about them first.


A full-on cardiovascular workout is one of the most popular at-home exercises. Most people will choose to buy a treadmill or stationary bike for this; you don’t have to. What you need is to use your bodyweight to do squat pulse for your legs, tuck-up for your core, and frogger for your shoulders. The weight of your body will add pressure and intensity to what seemingly are simply workout routines.


You’ve probably been doing planks in the gym, so why not intensify them at home? A better way to do this would be outdoors, so you can get as much sun as possible while you’re activating your core. There are many variations to the plank, with each targeting a specific muscle of the body. The majority of the positions—plan forearm reach, shoulder tap, and push-up—will focus on improving your shoulders, triceps, and core.

Abs Workout

In the gym, abs workouts can be challenging. You can find some people pulling up from an upside-down position. Of course, you cannot do that without anyone to spot you, so all you have left is an at-home abs workout is the combination of these exercises: plank-up down, dead bug, and forearm plank rock. You need to spend 30 seconds on each of the exercises, but you will be done in about eight minutes. You will see the difference in your abs after a couple of months.


Butt exercises always require mini resistance bands that you pull with your quads. You don’t need those bands if you don’t have them. To get your glutes working, you need to do these butt workout exercises: frog bridges and straight-leg fire hydrant. This will work out the parts of your glutes such as the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Doing these regularly will prove that you don’t need any piece of equipment to improve your butt muscles.


This workout routine has many benefits, but its main focuses are your butt and core muscles. The best thing about Pilates is you don’t need any equipment to do it. The workout itself is designed to warm up and improve your core strength without any equipment and tools such as resistance bands and dumbbells. You have to take full advantage of Pilates if you are going to work out from the comforts of your home.

There is no reason for anyone to stop taking care of themselves just because they can’t go to the gym these days. If there’s anything you should have learned over the past one-and-a-half months, it should be how important your health and physical fitness are to combating viruses and germs. These bodyweight exercises are cheap, easy, and effective.

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