5 Online Marketing Strategies to Attract Guests to Your Lodge

It’s undeniable that lodging businesses are top-rated nowadays. With the ease of using apps like Airbnb and Vrbo, lodgers can save time looking for reputable rooms to rent. These platforms made it more convenient for travelers to find inexpensive lodgings, too.

Speaking of Airbnb, the company amassed $3.4 billion in revenue last year. It was more than a billion lower than what they had in 2019. But this only shows how profitable the business is despite the pandemic. This is why many people are still planning on jumping into this venture.

With the world slowly opening, a lot of lodging businesses will get back to operations. You’re going to compete with a lot if you’re planning to open one yourself. You should know the techniques for promoting your room effectively.

Given that these rooms are being marketed on the internet, you have to stand out with your online marketing. You can only put limited information about your Airbnb profile. So how do you make the most out of it? Here are some ways to enhance your chances of attracting lodgers into renting out your room.


We’ll get this out of the way since this is essential. Did you know that Airbnb ranked Wi-Fi as the second most liked amenities by lodgers? That’s next to pet-friendliness. Internet access has always been necessary for most nowadays. You know how much it’ll attract renters and lodgers to see Wi-Fi in the rooms they want. If you have the budget, get ultra-fast internet for your room. List that as one of the best advantages lodgers can get if they choose your space. Fast internet is always the best bait for internet lovers.

Great Photographs

You might have already seen some poorly shot photos of rooms. That’s what you should avoid. People want to rent rooms that look good. You will have to express your room’s beauty by taking eye-catching photos of it. The first thing you have to do is prepare the room for the shoot. Clean it and embellish it with decorations. Paint the walls and apply concrete resurfacing products for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Once you’ve done everything, you can start with taking photos. You can do this part or hire a photographer for a more professional touch. Your shots should emphasize spaciousness because your room should look cozy and comfortable to stay in. Finally, post the best photos that’ll instantly stun potential guests.

Highlight Safety

a lodge room with a key

One thing people look for in a place to rent is its safety. Rooms may be beautiful, but is it secure? This is a valid question that guests ask. If you’re sure that your neighborhood is safe, emphasize it. This will make lodgers feel more confident in getting your place for their vacation. They would also want a place where their belongings can be kept securely. They’re leaving some of their valuables in the room from time to time. It’s just reasonable for them to look for a place where these things won’t go missing. It would be best if you also highlighted some of your room’s safety features. These are essential things like smoke detectors and accessibility to emergency contacts.


Since we talked about Wi-Fi as the second most wanted amenity, you might want to know the others, too. Like what was mentioned by Airbnb, pet friendly-spaces attract guests the most. That’s followed by Wi-Fi. Free parking, a pool, and a Jacuzzi make up the rest of the top five amenities. If the living space you’re renting out offers all these, you might want to highlight them, too. These amenities can persuade more clients to choose your room. More clients will drive more revenue for you. You don’t want to miss that opportunity to include these amenities in your room’s online campaigns. Treat them as your room’s leverages versus other spaces.

Reasonable Price

You can have all these features and amenities. But if your pricing isn’t attractive, you might not be able to entice lodgers. You have to consider two things when pricing your space for rentals. One is your room’s value or worth. This is about how you think your room will do if rated. The other thing to consider is your client’s average budget for lodging fees. You want to make sure that your pricing isn’t way too far from other rooms within its level. You know how easy to compare prices online. Keep in mind that your room’s price should be fair for its amenities and advantages.

Competing with other lodging spaces can be challenging. But if you know how to market your room properly online, there should not be a problem. Standing out should be your goal, so clients will be left with no choice but to rent your room.




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