Promoting Your Brand Using Affordable Social Media Tools

Technology is a massive part of today’s standard marketing tools used by established businesses and startups. Although the public is not new to it, especially in promotions disseminated via television and radio, how companies use social media for advertising keeps innovating and morphing into tools that further captivate the audiences.

Technology is even more relevant in a world in quarantine. As long as you know how to use it, you can make light work of marketing your products or services. Here’s how you can start your digital marketing journey:

Build on Social Media

Appealing to your audiences can begin with something more casual. In social media, selling yourself is easier given that you have an available pool of people you can promote yourself to and tools ready for you to use.

With great ideas and free and easy-to-use tools on social platforms, you can quickly publish posts and immediately create your following.

Ride on Trends

Since social media is the go-to place for various brands to amass followers, you can expect that they’ll also be vying for the public’s attention just like you. To ensure you remain on most people’s feeds, you need to create timely and relevant posts, which you can do by riding on trends.

Trends can quickly come and go, so you need to be fast and creative in making materials as soon as you can. Using hashtags can also help you by keeping you on top of search suggestions.

Connect Using Traditional Channels

The main tools of digital media center around social networking sites. With these kinds of websites, marketing posts can easily circulate and even let you gather more clients. However, traditional mediums are still effective during this time of technological boom.

The perfect example of this is email. Using email blasts and sending newsletters and updates will allow you to connect with more people, even with those without social media accounts.

Capture Audiences Using Video and Images

When promoting your brand, you need to think of ways to appeal to your customer’s senses. With digital marketing, the most prominent ones you can use are sight and hearing. With great visuals and audio, you can draw in clients to give your products a look.

Posting creative images and videos are the most popular ways you can use to attract the public. These methods are also cost-effective, letting you save funds.

Use Influencers


Like trends, social media icons also have the power to help give you the leverage you need. Most people are more familiar with social media personalities than actors, making them the perfect solution for your brand to get noticed.

You can also draft deals with famous influencers and make them your product’s official ambassador to give your company a memorable identity and appeal to your chosen endorser’s followers.

Build a Headquarters

There’s a mountain of work that you need to accomplish when shining the spotlight on your brand. During the initial phases of your venture, there’s no problem with doing work at home. But as your business grows, you need to employ more people and get a space to get all the job done.

Having a headquarters will enable you and like-minded people to bounce off ideas easily. You can even be creative in designing your building to serve as motivation. Contact suppliers for cast stone for your exteriors and use a unique floor plan for your indoor settings. A physical office also gives your customers peace of mind knowing that they can talk to people face to face should they need help with a product.

Create Funny and Witty Posts

Many brands catch the eye of the public with how witty and hilarious their posts are. In social media, though respect is vital, being too serious and uptight will get you nowhere. Instead of creating super strict and formal posts, it’s better to communicate with your audiences lightly.

But it would be best to remember to observe the line between funny and insensitive so that you won’t get on the wrong side of the people on the internet.

Be on Your Platforms 24/7

As discussed earlier, you need to follow trends to ride on them at the perfect moment and shine a light on your brand. This is possible when you’re constantly monitoring what happens online. When you’re always on your platforms, you can see potential trends and be one of the first to use them for free marketing.

Being consistent with your postings will also let you engage and interact with your clients, further enhancing your chances of garnering more people to notice your brand.

Using digital marketing tools can help you improve the way you promote your product to your clients. However, it is still up to you and your creativity to draw in more customers and give your brand the stage it deserves.

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