Use Instagram to Your Advantage with These Techniques

Success in online marketing is a combination of details put together. A successful campaign requires victory in different aspects of your niche. Social media is a platform where you can advertise you your intended audience and maximize your resources.

Instagram provides you with plenty of opportunities to effectively connect with your target market and win in your niche. Experts from an SEO company in Perth cite the following strategies that allow you to leverage Instagram for marketing.

Audience-centric Content

Content plays an important role in Instagram. This platform is visual-centric; your target audience likes and engages with content that has a pleasing aesthetic. Improve your photography and videography skills or hire the one that can produce quality posts.

Publish content that you think your market will like. Understand your brand and the message you want to convey. After looking inward, determine the type of pictures and stories you will upload. People are looking for authenticity; show your audience that you represent them.

Study the type of posts that get the most engagement; once you determine these, post about these more often. Does your audience like your stories? If yes, publish these more often. Do they enjoy your travel content? Use these to keep your market interested in your profile.

Engage Your Followers

Engage your audience is one way to keep them interested and boost your social media image. Reply and like their comments; keep a conversation going about the topic of your post. Go the extra mile by going to their profiles and liking and commenting on their content as well.

Content Published by Followers

Encourage your audience to tag you in posts or use your official hashtags. This approach creates a sense of community among your followers. You can also share the photos and videos they uploaded. This form of engagement endears you to your audience and keeps them loyal to your brand.

Balance Promotional and Inspirational Content

person browsing social media in his phoneHard selling seldom works because when you continuously publish posts about your brand, it is possible your audience will become tone deaf to the message you want to convey or may even unfollow you. Strike a balance between branding and sales, and content your market may show interest in.

Create a post that may inspire or elicit a response from your followers. This can be a photo or video about a topic interesting to them.

A Clear Call-to-Action

Have an objective when you publish a photo or video; include a clear call-to-action when you do this. Phrase it properly to encourage your audience to interact with your post and do more than just like it.

Some examples include asking current and potential followers to tag a friend, ask a question, or ask them to mention something about an interesting topic.

Short Captions, Better Engagement

Instagram allows users to create captions of around 2,000 characters long. Experts mention that on average, the length of a post is about 300 characters. Keep your posts to approximately 50–150 characters long as they generate the most engagements from other users.

These are some of the best practices when it comes to Instagram marketing. Use these for your profiles to boost engagement and connect with your followers.

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