What Are the Trends in Website Design in 2020?

If you’re thinking of redesigning your business website, you should know this year’s trends in web design. You shouldn’t be caught with an old-fashioned site if you want more people to visit your pages. So, before you ask a web design company in Bexleyheath to give your website a makeover, check out first what’s in style in 2020.

Dark design

Websites with a dark background are going to be popular this year. The primary reason behind this is that more and more people are focusing not just on the aesthetic elements of designs but also on the health benefits. Sites with a dark background tend to have a lesser strain on the eyes without compromising the design elements.


Another upcoming trend is intentionally creating imperfect designs. Some web designers say that more websites in 2020 will have hand-drawn images and icons to exude a personal touch. The goal is for websites to look more organic, human, and attainable instead of having images, icons, and shapes crafted to perfection.


You might want to try your hand on 3D design as well if you want your website to garner attention this year. Back then, 3D designs were exclusive to companies with deep pockets because this kind of imagery requires serious equipment that is not cheap. But, eventually, the technology has become more accessible, so a lot of developers are already capable of creating 3D imagery in websites.

Shadows and layers

Another thing you can expect to be a big hit in 2020 is websites that incorporate more layers and shadows in their designs. People have become tired of websites that seem flat. Now, they want more to access the webpages they want to check out instead of admiring the design. So, incorporate more layers, shadows, and even floating images to provide more depth in your site and make it look more alive and engaging.

Photos and graphics

Mixing photographs with graphics will also be a huge trend this year. The use of real photographs exudes a sense of authenticity in a website and the mix of graphics with them can add even more pizzazz in the whole design.

White spaces

Online marketing concept in website

In contrast to the dark background trend mentioned earlier, incorporating white spaces in your website will exude a feeling of serenity that some designers are predicting to also be the next big thing. Considering that a lot of what has been going on around the world is quite messy or even chaotic, some web designers believe that people now want something totally different from that scenario.

It’s the reason web designers are banking on the idea that websites with white spaces are going to be popular. They’re s peaceful to look at and very clean, which is what a lot of people are eager to see in a lot of things.

Designing your website shouldn’t be done on a whim. You should do some research first and find out what kind of design people are looking forward to patronising. So, with the suggestions above, you might be able to choose a design that would best represent your business and brand.

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