4 Ways to Use Videos throughout the Marketing Funnel

Part of the online marketing battle is at the margins; if you win these, you have a good chance of toppling your top competitors. One way to achieve this goal is to leverage video marketing. This strategy is potent because it allows you to convey your message effectively.

This visual medium enables you to elicit the emotions and actions you want from your targeted viewers. The marketing and sales funnel consists of brand awareness, consideration, conversion and then goes to loyalty.

These steps determine the cycle that many consumers go through when they look for brands that may solve their problems. Experts on video production from Kansas City cite the following ways to use videos throughout the marketing funnel.

1. Raise Awareness

Before you make a pitch to your target audience, they need to know who you are and how you can help them. Videos are now one of the critical types of content that gets several views and shares. This form enables you to raise brand awareness.

Video is easier to consume because all a user needs to do is click play they’ll then just sit back and watch. Audiences now have shorter attention spans; very few would bother reading an article that’s more than a thousand words long.

A video can have everything you need to say to raise brand awareness in one minute or so. It also allows you to convey the right set of emotions to pique the interest of viewers.

2. Accumulate Leads

You’ll need different sets of videos depending on the objectives of a campaign. After raising awareness, the next step in the marketing funnel is to get enough leads. A video that explains the features of your product or how a service works will help you accumulate leads.

Keep the video you publish concise and clear; clarify what you can do and focus on your unique selling proposition. Why should a potential customer choose you over the competition? Demonstrate how you are different, and your brand may move further down the funnel and closer to conversion.

3. Convert Visitors

Employees watching a videoOnce your visitors are aware and consider your brand when making purchase decisions, the next step is to convert them. This is where things become difficult because this is when a person has to spend money. Make the process worth their while and earn their trust.

Your approach to video production changes when you reach this step. You’ve already made explainer content; what you need to do is make an emotional connection with viewers. Testimonials and case studies will put the nail in the coffin and elicit the action you want.

Study your target market and identify emotion and experience triggers to produce videos that touch these.

4. Turn Customers into Loyal Advocates

The work doesn’t end after you convert visitors, sustaining their interest and keeping them loyal is the long-term goal. Focus on content that your primary audience likes and wants to share. This can be testimonials from them or a video about a relevant topic.

You don’t have to make sales pitches all the time, publish fresh content that has a strong emotional hook.

Video is a medium that has a lot of potential; use it properly, and you will beat your competitors and rise to the top of your industry. Use videos to address the pain points and openness of a visitor throughout the marketing funnel.

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