Five Business Ideas So Cool Your Kids Will Eat Healthy

It is normal for kids to be picky eaters. You will rarely meet parents who never had problems with their kids’ eating habits or even what food they want to eat. Even though many parents try never to introduce junk food to their kids, somehow, they find out about it from school, their friends, relatives, and their friends’ parents. Unfortunately, we cannot shield our kids forever from the reality that unhealthy foods are more accessible than healthy foods.

But do you know that there is an upside to trying to find out how to make your kids eat healthily? Plenty of parents made this a launching pad for their businesses. Because of their “expertise” in dealing with their kids’ non-adherence to eating fruits and vegetables, they become so creative that they want to share this “creativeness” with other parents. So, what kind of cool business ideas can come out of having picky eaters?

“Expert” Blogs

Do you think you have what it takes to advise parents on how to deal with their own picky eaters? Have you finally convinced your toddlers to eat their vegetables and fruits? If you believe you have what it takes to give sound advice to other parents, then why not make a blog about it? You can chronicle your experiences and share how you overcame the challenges with other parents. They will love to find out how other parents are doing it.

It’s so much better if you can attend nutrition-related courses so that you will have the backing up of a diploma or special certificate. You can then share kid-friendly recipe ideas. Share a menu every week for a healthy diet for the kids. Parents will surely flock to your blog and support the products that you endorse.

Meal Subscription Plans

meal plan

You can start your very own meal subscription plans, though it will target kiddie meals this time. Most of these subscription meal plans are designed for people who follow a certain diet—keto and pescatarian are some examples. However, is no one thinking that many parents cannot prepare nutritious meals for their kids? Many do not have the time to whip something delicious and nutritious in the morning? There is a big market for businesses like this.

Ready-to-cook Meals

The problem with trying to make your kids eat healthily is that no one seems to have the time for it. This is a problem that entrepreneurs can address. Why not make healthy ready-to-cook meals that kids will enjoy? By not using nitrates and preservatives, you are preserving the integrity of the food and making sure that the kids will not eat fully processed foods.

You can also incorporate vegetables and fruits into the ready-to-cook meals. For example, make the cheese spread with mashed carrots and squash while the chocolate spreads can have bits of mashed cauliflowers in them. Parents will jump at the chance of buying your products.

Veggie and Fruit Candies


It will be tough for parents to deprive their kids of candies, of course. Even if they try to avoid giving them sweets, they’ll hear about it from their friends and even from YouTube itself. Parents cannot attach kids their kids to their hips, so there’s no way to control the information they are getting. Thankfully, you can start a business that sells fruit-based and veggie-based candies. You should use honey as a sweetener instead of refined sugar. This will lower down the amount of sugar that gets into their systems.

Shape Cutters and Molders

Have you ever watched the Japanese make their bento boxes? They design their bento boxes with heart-shaped rice and meats. They use special cutters and molders for that. You can do this for the kiddie meals you’re going to sell, or you can sell the molders and cutters themselves. A lot of parents want to be extra creative when preparing their kids’ lunch boxes. There are also popsicle molders so parents can make eating fruit popsicles more fun for the kids.

When you think of kids and their parents as your target market, you will never run out of things you can sell to them. Their needs are virtually endless. There’s so much that interests kids, and parents want the best for them. If you can offer a solution to the burgeoning problems of obesity in toddlers and adolescents, you will have a gem of a business idea. You can make a business that will be a one-stop shop for everything parents need to get their kids to eat healthily.

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