What is Customer Conversion and How Can You Improve Yours?

One of the most difficult hurdles a company must face is turning interested individuals into paying customers. No matter how convincing or effective your marketing or even the product itself can be, tipping people’s decisions in your favor can be quite difficult. But converting people into clients and customers is what a business is for, so below are some ideas to help you get started.

What Is Customer Conversion?

Simply put, this is when a “potential” customer becomes an “actual” customer, or whenever these potential customers perform a desired action, like using a coupon, establishing contact with your business, or actually giving you revenue. This is a pretty common buzzword in marketing and business, and for good reason. Studying what makes the average person want to spend their money and how to take advantage of it can give businesses a significant boost.

Why Web Design Matters: Conversion-focused Websites

Your web design service provider will likely be aware of the design information and how to make a beautiful website. However, working closely and collaborating with them is important to achieve one thing: a conversion-focused website. In simple terms, it’s a website that makes it easier for interested individuals to purchase a product or service- thereby “converting” them from leads to paying customers.

Use Design That Stands Out.

When it comes to designing your website, it has to immediately showcase your branding. It should be able to convey what your company is all about: formal or casual, pop colors or muted pastels, modern or traditional. Whatever your company branding is, your web design should be able to show your customers what it is. Try to avoid bad font and color combinations, blocks of texts, or poor layout design. Also be conscientious of being too minimalistic, where there is almost nothing of interest in your website. A dry and uninteresting design can drive away potential customers.

Let Your Satisfied Customers Speak For You.

Blurbs and recommendations are very strong tools. They tell interested parties that other people like and appreciate your product, convincing them that maybe they should try it. If you receive good words on your product or service, ask your clients whether they’re okay with having it on your website- customer testimonials are among the strongest influences many follow when buying something.

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Make Sure Your Contact Information Is Easily Spotted.

You don’t want to make the act of contacting your business difficult. It’s unnecessary work, and your clients will most likely get tired halfway. Make sure it’s easily spotted, in a location that’s not too intrusive yet easy to access.

Your Headline Should Be Compelling.

One of the first things potential customers see on your website is your headline. This can be a make-or-break moment for customers, and you want to make them stay for conversion to happen. An eye-catching photo often works well, and many choose to include the company’s logo and slogan in there too. A Call to Action (CTA) up there on your headline can also work. Ultimately, you want a headline design that would keep customers on the site and continue scrolling, not leave immediately without so much a glance.

Prove Your Credibility.

If your business has any awards, certifications, or any form of validation from any governing body, don’t be afraid to show it! Proving your business’ legitimacy is a simple way of showing not just credibility, but other customers’ trust.

Give Them A Sense Of Urgency.

There is a reason why coupons and sale banners still work: it gives customers a sense of urgency. It can be that you are offering a limited supply of a special product, or that it’s only available for a limited amount of time. Either way, this can give buyers a stronger motivation to purchase your product. And by showing this on your website, there is a bigger change for conversion.

Ease Their Worries With Guarantees.

As consumers, people want to feel more confident about their purchases. Buyer’s remorse can be detrimental to a business, especially if it means you lose a repeat customer. By giving your customers guarantees like a good maintenance and repair service or a money-back guarantee, you’ll help make customers feel more at ease with their purchase.

Distractions Will Fail You.

Sometimes, business owners tend to want to show everyone everything that their business offers, all on one page. While this is being done even by big businesses, there is still a right way to do it. Simple is always the key. A website that converts people into becoming customers is one that’s simple and straight to the point. Offer whatever product or service you’re offering and that’s it.

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