How to Market Your Personal Training Business to Gain More Clients

Whether you are a seasoned personal trainer looking to add more clients to your roster or you have just graduated from personal training school, the only way you can grow your business is through marketing. Many personal trainers, however, have a difficult time growing their business simply because they do not know how to market themselves.

Here are some marketing strategies for your fitness business in Arizona.

Craft Meaningful Promotions

Among the top ways to entice new clients is to make meaningful promotions or those that have a reason behind them. For example, free training sessions on their birth month or reduced prices for the first month of their subscription. The main thing to remember is to set a deadline for the promo and make it fun. Run your promos regularly and make sure to keep track of them to see which ones work and do not.

Be the Hero of Your Videos

After all, you are marketing yourself to potential clients, so who is the best to be the face of your brand? Yourself, right? Create instructional videos that are relevant to your target audience. While professionally done videos are great, consider going live and incorporating behind-the-scenes footage into your videos once in a while to engage your audience better. Share your videos on your website, social media accounts, and through email. Do not forget to pose a challenge to your audience at the end of each video.

Offer Free Transformation Lessons

People who work out or are planning to get fit are all looking for the same thing: transformation. Rather than offer your target customers free basic sessions, offer them free transformation lessons. During the free initial lesson, you could evaluate customers, show them what exercises would benefit them most, and then conclude the lesson with a powerful but subtle sales pitch, emphasizing the transformation benefits they stand to gain when they train with you.

Provide High-Quality Content

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Aside from kickass videos of yourself, you should likewise focus on creating in-depth articles, images and infographics for your website and social media profiles. Consider podcasts and free webinars as well to help position yourself as an authority in your field. Do not forget search engine optimization (SEO) and make sure that your website is optimized for mobile.

Just Be Yourself

In a digital world where almost everything is posed, photoshopped, filtered and airbrushed to perfection, people are more inclined to other people that they could connect with — real, confident people who are not afraid to show vulnerability and imperfections. This is authentic and connective marketing. Done right, you would experience an increase in your website and social media followers and increase user engagement on these platforms. Some or most of your followers, in turn, could become your clients.

Growing your personal training business requires action, consistency, flexibility and expertise. By employing these marketing strategies, you will get to boost not just your client base but your bottom line and your reputation as an authority in your industry as well.

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