5 Online Side Gigs You Can Do While Traveling

Traveling full-time while earning a sustainable income has become easier and more accessible thanks to the normalization of remote work set-ups and, of course, the development of modern technology. Today, people can travel the world while working a full-time job—or multiple jobs, for that matter—and sustain their lifestyle much easier than before the concept of working from home was a common thing.

Aside from having the ability to travel while working full-time, another big advantage of remote work is that you generally have more time to spare. Since you don’t have to commute to work, go to after-work events, or travel to meetings, you have more time to spend on other things. And if you want to earn extra income or upgrade your lifestyle, one of the best ways to spend that spare time is to create another source of income.

Learn some of the best online side hustles that can help you earn more money while traveling and working full-time.

  1. Online English tutoring

If you are a native or near-native English speaker, one of the best ways you can earn extra income is to offer online English lessons to beginner or novice students. There are countless ESL (English as a Second Language) platforms that you can join, such as esltutoringservices.com, which can make finding students and holding tutoring sessions easier.

  1. Virtual assistant (VA) services

The job description of a virtual assistant is basically just any other type of work assistant; the only difference is that VAs do their work entirely online.

The tasks of a virtual assistant vary, depending on what the client needs. Some focus on general admin tasks like email management, calendar management, and document verification. Other VAs have specialized skills and can perform more in-depth tasks like market strategy, lead generation, and content creation. To find a VA job that best suits your skills, you should highlight what you can do on your resume or job application so that the most suitable clients can pick you out from the rest.

  1. Blogging

Traveling full-time can give you an abundant source of content that you can use for a blog. If you don’t have one already, consider starting a blog to highlight your experiences, travel tips, strategies, and other types of content that other people would want to see. In general, your most ideal target audience would be other people who want to do the same: travel and work full-time.

person doing a blog

However, keep in mind that starting a blog won’t generate income overnight. You would need to produce high-quality content, attract audiences, and boost your website so that you have a solid number of visitors every month. After which, you can earn income from ads, promotions, and sponsored content.

  1. Freelance writing

If you have great writing skills and can touch on a wide variety of topics, becoming a freelance writer may be a great move for you. There are countless clients online who are looking for talented writers to produce their written content for them, and since you’re only doing this on the side, you have more freedom to choose your clients and the niches you write about.

You can also specialize in travel content since you’re already a full-time traveler, making you a reliable source of information for travel-related topics. Or if you want to widen your job opportunities, you can accept a wider variety of content. Either way, freelance writing can be one of the easiest ways to earn extra income on the side—especially if you are already an experienced writer in the first place.

Pro tip: curate writing samples that you can send when applying for jobs. If you have more than a few pieces of written content under your belt, consider creating a writing portfolio to increase your chances of securing clients.

  1. Sell online courses

If you have are an expert in a certain field, have a specific set of skills, or have a revolutionary way of teaching another topic, you can help educate others and earn additional income at the same time by selling online courses.

Akin to blogging, selling online courses may not provide immediate earnings, but it can still provide a substantial amount of revenue if you put enough effort into it. Use platforms like Teachable or Masterclass to sell your online courses, and if you have a blog or social media platforms, use them to advertise your courses and increase your reach.

Whether it’s for extra travel funds or additional lifestyle upgrades, there are plenty of ways to earn additional income while traveling full-time. To get you started, consider the ideas on this list—but if you don’t see anything that suits you, there are plenty of other side hustles that you can look into—you just have to find the best way to leverage the skills and experience you have.

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