How Artists Make Their Artworks Stand Out Online to Get Sales

The pandemic has shined a spotlight on different means of marketing products. This has directly impacted the art industry. Art auction houses and galleries have been very much limited lately. Artists needed to adapt to changes to promote their pieces.

With the rise of online art brokerage and dealers, there’s no denying that artists are going on the digital marketing route. Research shows that online sales value doubled, from $6 billion in 2019 to $12.4 billion in 2020. This only shows that artists have found success in a new venue to market their work.

With all these, however, a new conflict occurred when artists swarmed the online market. Standing out from a pool of other artists has been pretty much the goal. So how do artists thrive when they do this online? Let us see.

Targeting a demographic

A crucial part of selling artworks online is finding your audience. Having a focus demographic has helped many artists identify their market. From the niche to techniques, every aspect of the artwork would have a specific spectator. Artists’ job is to identify who to attract with their works. They are most likely the ones to buy the pieces created. At the end of the day, your creations might not be for everyone. That’s why it’s extremely vital to target a particular demographic that has a taste for your aesthetic.

Great photography

Since there are few to no galleries to display artworks, artists have learned how to present their works on the online platform. A great depiction of their actual pieces lies on how well it was photographed for digital consumption. This is a very good strategy to boost sales. Especially when artists are competing for a spot in an art brokerage site. Some hire professional photographers for this task.

While some who have skills in photography do it themselves. Capturing photos of someone’s artwork for an audience is a process. It’s a creation within a creation. Just like any products sold online, gorgeously photographed art pieces can generate impressive sales too.

Use of social media

Speaking of online presence, social media is the new platform for art sellers and creators. It’s globally accessible. Figures say that nearly 45% of global internet users ages 16-64 conduct brand research on social media networks. That’s why artists take advantage of its benefits to help them with sales. Not only that. Major social media sites now have tools for business pages. In this way, any sellers could track their audience reach, so they can predict progress. Speaking of audience reach, engagement is also a big part of social media media sites

Artists use social media to connect with other artists and collectors. It’s a great way to find the right demographics to market their artworks. Artists also establish fan bases online which definitely aids them with sales. The biggest advantage of social media use for artists is its cost-free service. Social media platforms prevent them from going through brokers. This also helps with presenting their works the way they want them to be presented. A well-curated social media account is an artist’s gateway to generate revenue.


The external parts of a product can draw attention. That’s the reason why artists spend time and effort in the creation of their packaging. Some of them even use industrial die-cutting machines to craft the perfect packaging. This is prevalent to artists who mass produce their creations. Customized packaging is also another way artists market their work. This method gives a personal touch to the item.

That said, establishing an intimate connection between the artist and the client. Whether it’s a framed painting or a sculpture, packaging gives the artwork an identity. Artists even use this for branding. They are not just putting their hearts in the art. They are also putting their art into the packaging.

Catchy Copywriting

Advertisements come to life with a catchy slogan. The same goes for marketing artworks online. Seeing your work of art online is one thing. But standing out from the rest of the artists is another. Marketing art pieces with great copywriting can improve sales numbers.

Associating an art piece with the artist can be a success if done effectively. But if you’re into marketing your artwork, an online presence can give artists useful mileage. A person may have all the tools he needs to create. But generating revenue for a creation is a skill an artist must acquire. The digital market is evolving. Everyone who wants sales online, including artists, should continue to learn.

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