Protect Your Workers from Permanent Hearing Loss in Five Ways

Each year, millions of heavy industry workers suffer from permanent hearing loss. They are exposed to an average of 85 decibels for an eight-hour shift. Do you have workers who are constantly exposed to loud equipment at work? Then you are responsible for protecting them from permanent hearing loss.

Even a single exposure to a deafening loud sound for a long time can cause your workers to experience hearing loss. What more if they are constantly handling or working with extremely loud machines? This can lead to their permanent hearing loss, which can affect their whole lives. Prevent such unfortunate disabilities by keeping the following hearing protection guide in mind:

Provide them with quality hearing protection devices

There are lots of devices you can invest in that can protect your workers’ hearing. You can provide your workers with disposable plugs, reusable plugs, and earmuff headphones. You can also find industrial-strength custom-made industrial earplugs for your workers. These earplugs will make sure that your workers can work comfortably and safely despite their loud environment.

Invest in quieter and more energy-efficient equipment

Pieces of equipment these days are better, faster, and more energy-efficient. They are also quieter than older models. When it is time to upgrade your equipment or when repairs are no longer an option, choose quieter ones.

Post hearing protection guidelines where your workers can easily see them

You should provide them with the necessary hearing protection equipment. Make sure that you train them to properly use and take care of their earplugs. Give them the right types of hearing protection devices. Ensure strict compliance, especially the proper use of hearing protection devices the company provides them with. Even though they have been using such tools for long, it is still a must that you post guidelines as reminders.

Provide your workers with a quiet environment where they can rest their ears

hearing aid

Your workers deserve to have a break from their loud and stressful work environment. Constant exposure to loud noises can be harmful to anyone’s hearing. So make sure that you give them a quiet place where they can rest their ears while on break. If possible, give them a nice soundproof room to rest.

Rotate your employees’ work schedules

As much as possible, don’t give your workers the same schedules for a long time. Try to rotate their schedules so that they will have ample time to rest their ears. For instance, you can make them work with noisy equipment for only a few days a week. It would be much better if you could schedule a day or two in between so that their ears will have enough time to recover from the loud noises that they have to endure while working.

Hearing loss is a big issue in extremely loud work environments. It is actually one of the most common illnesses a person can get from work. Don’t let your workers suffer. Keep this list in mind and take better care of your and your employees’ hearing.

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