5 Self Care Tips for Savvy Digital Marketers

It’s understandable. When thinking of this year 2021, our mind just immediately conjures negative adjectives: hard, challenging, etc. All this even when we are still in the month of August. Talk about the global pandemic, market crash, and other incidents we thought we would never experience in our lifetime.

It sure is a mental roller coaster. It’s no wonder caring for mental health is a struggle for many these days.

Data from Census Bureau shows that for every 100 American adults, 34 present symptoms of depression or anxiety or even both. The economy is also adversely affected. Data shows that 68% of adults working during these times have mental health challenges. Truly, these days are nothing short of a mental health crisis.

And this may be no truer than in the case of digital marketers. As the landscape has become ever more challenging when the virus showed up, those in the digital marketing business find themselves swamped with work like never before.

The good news is mental health for a digital marketer is no pie in the sky. It’s definitely within your reach. First stop, having a positive mantra that things can get better before they can even get worse should put a beam of light to this year’s psychological toll. Secondly, know there are tried-and-tested solutions from experts of the industry we can emulate. Keeping all this in mind should get us closer to better days ahead. Here’s to greater productivity minus the mental breakdown.

Exercise Gratitude

Remaining calm in this time of chaos sure is hard. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve. To remain calm, one thing to do is by writing things which you’re grateful for. Research shows that our sense of gratitude is linked to positive feelings such as hope and happiness.

By being grateful for what you have, you can deepen appreciation for all those things you already have in life. In short, you’re aware. This gives a huge difference in your mental health. In the long run, it sure can give you comfort especially at stressful periods.

You might think gratitude is an option that you can explore. The truth of the matter is it’s essential. When the world seems to come tumbling down, a grateful perspective can be your source of power to energize you. Take note that feelings are a consequence of how we view the world. The better we view it, the better our feelings become.

Include Meditation in your Routine

Inhale and exhale: it’s relaxing right? Indeed, this is the natural power of meditation. This teaches us to focus on the present. And yes, it scientifically has been proven to improve sleep quality and also lower stress.

Research shows meditation can induce a deeper state of relaxation that results in a tranquil mind. It’s like a magnet. When you meditate, all those jumbled, negative thoughts slowly disappear and your thoughts get aligned to the present. The same amount of relaxation can also be achieved via yoga.  To this end, meditation apps or music can help.

Alternatively, getting a body massage can also bring you the joys of a relaxed state just like meditation. You can always visit a spa. If you’re short of time, fret not. The good news is that you can enjoy a massage at home even when you’re all by yourself. In this regard, looking into full-body massage chairs for sale online should put you on the right track.

person with mental health problems

Know Your Support System

Data shows that 70% of contributing factors to mental health concerns in America include isolation or loneliness. Therefore, knowing that you have your support system is spot-on.

Thus, let not the pandemic stop you from communicating with your loved ones. In this time of modern technology, being connected should be a piece of cake. You can schedule a video call, or even initiate a virtual party. Not only do sit give you a sense of community, but it also does let you feel the warmth of care.

Organize Your Home

What you see may contribute to your mental health getting worse.  It affects your overall self-worth. Therefore, organizing your home gives you a more relaxed aura. The environment around is, therefore, key.

You can start by cleaning out your junk drawer, or by organizing kitchen cabinets. It just depends on what part of the house you mostly dwell in. But the point is when you have a cleaner space, it’s much easier to have a more relaxed mind.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Despite the numerous ways to maintain good mental health, eating nutritious foods maintains its spot. A diet with vegetables and fruits is one of your primary defenses. Avoid eating processed foods. Importantly, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

You need not go down with the surrounding misery, instead, learn to shine. As a digital marketer, that goes a long way to producing never-before-heard quality pieces of work.

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