Upgrading Your Target Range: Top Ways to Make It More Fun and Exciting

There’s nothing as satisfying as letting off some steam by firing some guns in the shooting range. But other than just being a fun way of learning how to shoot a gun, firing ranges are important to many law enforcement personnel who need training in their shooting skills.

Although many shooting ranges have different props, targets, and facilities that can make the experience more enjoyable, there are firing ranges that need an upgrade. There are many customers and training officers that are constantly looking for ways of honing their shooting skills. At the same time, law enforcers will need to respond to different emergencies.

So what are some key ways of upgrading your target range? How do you spice up the shooting experience of your customers and training officers? Here’s what you need to know:

Digitizing the Experience

First and foremost, one of the best ways of making your target range more fun while still being helpful to customers and law enforcement personnel is by making it more fun and interactive. We are currently living in an age where almost everything can be done conveniently. Although there’s no problem with using physical targets, many of these metal and paper targets will need to be repaired or disposed of right after use. When you’re digitizing the shooting range, it’s easier to keep track of statistics and target projections.

Fortunately, you won’t have to look far since businesses are well aware of the need for a digitized shooting range. There are innovative virtual target shooting systems that can streamline shooting and make it even more fun for practicing customers and law enforcers.

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Start Adding Props

Another relatively cheap way of upgrading your target range is by adding props. Although this might not necessarily affect the targets, it can still have a profound effect on your customer’s shooting experience.

When you’re shooting at a firearms range, you already have a mental note that you are just firing a gun in a controlled environment. But nowhere will you find a place in real life that looks just like a firearms range. When you’re shooting a gun in an emergency, there’s bound to be lots of distractions. There are going to be objects, walls, tools, cars, and people around you. But when you’re firing your gun, you’ll need to be disciplined and focused on your targets.

You don’t have to put too much effort into your props. As long as it looks like a real environment where most people can relate, then it’s already a good upgrade. You might want to consider having different environments, which can help spice up the shooting experience give officers more options for training scenarios.

It’s important to remember that your firing range doesn’t need to be square. If your firing range is too simple, this could be a detriment to officers that are training. Instead, you’ll want to simulate scenarios that could potentially save lives in the near future.

Get Your Shooters Moving

Let’s face it: shooting at a range wouldn’t be fun if you were staying in a stationary position. Although it does get the job done, you want to get your shooters more engaged. Instead of just moving your targets around, you can also have a shooting course where your customers can move around. Not only will this make your shooting range more fun, but your shooters can also get some much-needed exercise.

This is important for many officers and law enforcement personnel since they are usually placed in a situation where they have to move around with their firearms. The chance of just staying in one area when you’re in an emergency situation is relatively rare.

It’s also important to consider vertical movements. You might want to incorporate stairs, balconies, and terraces to your range so that officers can move up and down these areas when they are shooting targets. This is important because most officers will experience shooting incidents with aggressors that are in unequal terms. That said, giving your customers a sense of a more interesting terrain can make your target range even more challenging.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to make your target range more fun for customers. If you want to spice things up and get that adrenaline pumping for your shooters, these are some good ideas that can make your target range even more interesting. We are currently living in an age where many technological innovations make shooting and training fun and immersive.

Still, it’s important to place some emphasis on safety in the firing range. Although you might be planning some new changes to your business, that shouldn’t stop you from outlining safety protocols and measures. Guns should always be treated with respect and handled with care.

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