The Intermediate Guide to Pool Tools and Accessories All Pool Owners Need

Getting a backyard pool sounds like a great way to spend hot summer days and weekend get-togethers with friends and family. Needless to say, owning one opens more responsibilities for homeowners, too. Ensuring it’s safe and enjoyable requires adjusting the swimming pool’s pH. However, there are other necessary maintenance measures and pool accessories a pool owner needs to ensure this.

Here are some essential additions you should have for your backyard pool!

Review State Laws and Local Building Recommendations

In general, government agencies set codes and regulations for water facilities to provide safe and clean facilities for public use. These normally include chlorine content, pool treatment, and the like. On the same note, confirm your state laws to see what pool enclosure standards you must follow. Although there are national guidelines, certain areas have more strict rules. It’s good to cover the basics before venturing on your own. Their guidance and recommendations may even improve the current state of your backyard pool.

Have a Stock of Test Strips

Test strips are essential in moderating the chemicals in your pool. They help keep the water clean and free of bacteria. Generally, test strips measure the pH level, chlorine content, alkalinity, acidity, among others. Depending on how often the pool is used or how often it rains in your area, the pool should be tested at least twice a day.

Get a Pool Cover

Speaking of rainy days, you might want to get a pool cover if your pool doesn’t have its own pool. There is a wide variety of pool covers available in the market. Depending on your preference and perceived ease of use, go for one that’s convenient and effective to use during rainy and snowy days.

Purchase a Swimming Pool Rake

A swimming pool rake or a leaf scoop is definitely essential. Scooping out dead leaves, twigs, and other bacteria-carrying debris is worth removing from the pool. It doesn’t just introduce bacteria to the water but causes it to become cloudy, too. Everybody will choose clean, sparkling pool water over cloudy water any day.

Invest in a Pool Vacuum

Have you noticed how some pools have dirt at the bottom of the pool? Cleaning the pool floor is one of the trickiest parts to keep clean. But with a pool vacuum, it can do that for you. The use of a pool vacuum simplifies the work of cleaning the pool floor by sucking up all the filth. Generally, there are two types of pool vacuum cleaners: manual and automatic. Whichever you prefer should do for your pool.

pool fence

Install Safety Pool Measures

Surround the pool with fencing panels of your choice. Either pre-made or made from scratch, materials should be available in your local hardware store. Place the fence at least 20 inches away from the water’s edge. There should be ample space to walk around and clean the pool from inside the fence.

Have Life Jackets and Pool Floats Available

Among the pool accessories out there, floaties and the like are the ones many people look forward to the most. For those who prefer or need a life jacket, it would be best to make this an option available to them. For a pool area to be fun, it should also be a judgment-free zone, especially for new swimmers. For those that want to chill on the water, have a pool float available, too!

Designate a Storage Area for Pool Tools, Accessories, and Toys

Anything used for the pool and in the pool area is almost always going to end up wet. Nobody wants these to end up somewhere where they shouldn’t be. For proper care and easy access, store them all in one place. It can be a space in the garage or the garden shed. Moreover, it’s good to have a designated area for essential tools, so they’re easier to find when you need them.

Stock Up on Some Cleaning Products and Chemical Solutions

Another reason for having a separate storage space for pool accessories and tools is to keep chemicals away and safely. Some cleaning solutions, especially acid, can be abrasive and dangerous when not handled responsibly. Access to these should be restricted as much as possible.

The Bottom Line

Getting a backyard pool is both an investment and a responsibility. For everyone to have a truly safe and fun experience, ensure that the water is safe, healthy, and clean for use. These tips and pool essentials help achieve this. Cover your bases for an enjoyable time!

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