Reopening Your Business: Innovative Tech and Other Adjustments You Need

We are not just living in a time of change but are experiencing an unprecedented rate of upheaval. The way we live, work, and do business is being disrupted by life-changing events such as pandemics and natural disasters.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business or have closed down due to these changes, this blog post will show you how to reopen your business with innovative tech and other changes that will be necessary for success in today’s world.

Use your space creatively

You may go places with your floor plan expansion. Many cities now allow restaurants and coffee shops to set up tables on sidewalks, in parking lots, and even in specific streets. Some restaurants, on the other hand, are using indoor distance methods like placing seated mannequins at some tables rather than leaving the seats vacant.

Fitness studios may hold exercise sessions in public parks. Florists may team up with nurseries or gardening centers to market their outdoor spaces. Search for a similar firm in your area to cross-sell or share space securely.

Redesign and reorganize as needed

If it’s challenging to bring customers to your business indoors, take the merchandise outside. You can create pop-up stores for your products with decks and boardwalks in open-air areas. Alternatively, restaurants are setting up dining areas with fiberglass exteriors and wooden decks or platforms as the floor. It gives the feeling of being outdoors but still takes into consideration social distancing and isolation requirements.

Ask a trusted decking supplies company to provide you with high-quality wood for the floors of your pop-up. The outdoor-indoor setup also works for hair stylists, spas, merchandise shops, and many other types of businesses.

Put your digital tools to use

Use an app or software to handle online reservations and confirm them with automatic email notifications. This will ensure that you keep everyone on the list and help you manage the number of people inside your establishment. You can also add a QR scanner for your customer’s health and vaccination information if this is required in the city where you operate. The scanner will help you get the details faster and also store their information so you can easily get in touch with them for contact tracing.

Additionally, you can have screens and apps that can take their orders or facilitate contactless checkout so there’s as little human interaction as possible. This can be useful for restaurants and other eateries where the number of people coming in and out is high. You can also switch to self-service or mobile-only payments to avoid using cash during your operating hours.

Finally, have more payment options available like the new apps that provide digital vouchers and cards for businesses. It’s a good option for customers who don’t have cash or debit/credit cards with them, but still want to pay for your services.

Update your products and services

The needs and preferences of your clients and customers may have changed greatly in the last year and a half. If you’re already in business, start by doing a survey or talking to your customers so you can keep track of these updates. For example, instead of the usual single-serve packs, you may want to look at offering party packs or platters for takeaway or delivery. You can accept orders in advance for special occasions or gatherings.

Beef up your online presence

a computer with the word online presence showing on it

Now more than ever, having a website and social media presence is important. Facebook and platforms like Instagram have greatly increased in popularity, so you should consider these as part of your branding strategy. Your website will also need to be optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets if most of your customers are using them these days. You can’t afford to lose sales because people want to buy your products or services on the go.

Additionally, you may want to offer live chat services so customers can reach out to you easily whenever they have questions or concerns about your business. You will also need a backup system in the event that the lines are always busy or you don’t have an agent available. Update your order form and processing system from your e-commerce site or website.

Your clients can opt to pick up their orders on-site or have them delivered to their houses or offices. This could mean adjusting the distribution of your staff or personnel. You may need more people manning the website and handling customer service and deliveries or pick-ups, rather than having them on the floor waiting on customers.

If you’re looking to reopen your business, we recommend that you rethink the way that you do things. Consider investing in tech and other changes that will be necessary for success in today’s world.

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