Why Your Small Business Needs Digital Marketing

Despite all the advances in digital technology over the past decade alone, would you believe that there are still businesses out there who think that applying a digital marketing practice to their business process is unnecessary? Mad.

Here’s the thing about digital marketing: it’s not a trend, it’s an absolute necessity for success. Yes, you could probably have your company exist outside of the digital business space, but you’d be not only handicap yourself to the competition, you’d also be ensuring that your company has a very, very limited lifespan.

But the good news is that even the smallest amount of effort in making your business more digital-friendly is already going to benefit your company. In Ireland, digital agencies are well-equipped to help transition many traditional businesses into cyberspace to ensure more than their survival: they can help you thrive.

Here are some more reasons why your company needs a digital marketing process:

Your Target Market is Already Online

As of 2021, there is an estimated 4.66 billion unique and active internet users around the world. To put it into perspective, that’s more than the entire population of Continental Europe, North and South America, and Africa combined. So there’s a very big chance that your regulars over at County Kilkenny are online, too.

A business that can’t reach its audience is practically dead in the water, and if your customers can’t find you on a website, a social media platform, or any other online resource, there’s a very big chance that they’ll ignore your business in real-life as well.

It’s Cheaper and Faster than Other Marketing Methods

Traditional marketing efforts will usually involve hand-writing copies for advertisements, printing it out on a flyer, distributing it in your community, having a bloke stand by the corner and hand them out.

It’s a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of resources to market a business in the traditional way. Meanwhile, digital marketing will involve a small team of people to handle your marketing efforts for a lot less hassle and a lot less money.

man studying digital marketing

Digital Marketing Has a Much, Much Better Return of Investment

In the scenario above, no matter how good your man is in distributing flyers and spreading the word of mouth about your business in the local shops and pubs, his ROI is still not going to be anywhere close to if he had just gone online, made a Facebook page for your business, and posted about it there.

Could you attract customers and create leads using traditional marketing? Sure, but for the amount of money you’ll be spending printing flyers and paying someone to yell about it on the street, you’d have generated up to three times more leads using digital marketing efforts.

Successful Marketing Efforts are Easily Documented

One of the greatest things about digital marketing as well is its ability to let businesses know how effective their efforts are. Most, if not all, digital marketing efforts will have data collection and analysis that can help you better plan out your marketing and overall business direction.

Although there is a degree of technical expertise needed to cash in on data, most digital agencies will help you sort through the information you gather, allowing you to focus on your business instead.

Interact Personally with More Customers

The great thing about digital marketing is that it allows your company to reach out and be more personal with more customers than ever before. Despite what naysayers may, well, say about online interaction, the fact is that interacting with people online is now seen as being equally personal as face-to-face interactions.

The only difference is, with digital marketing, you could provide a personal touch to your company’s products and services and reach tens of thousands more customers. And any savvy businessperson knows that the key to great marketing is creating positive relationships with customers!

Digital Marketing is a Modern Necessity

Modern problems require modern solutions, and taking your business to the 21st century is the only way to survive in the modern business world. Fortunately, most digital agencies are equipped to handle all types of businesses, regardless of industry.

Digital marketing has been an absolute boon for smaller businesses and enterprises because it allows them to compete, marketing-wise, with multi-national corporations at a fraction of the cost.

And for the people who are worried, or perhaps scared, to take the digital jump, fear not: most of the technical nitty-gritty of digital marketing is taken care of by the agency of your choice. All businesses need to do is make their goals and their branding clear to the experts, and the latter will take care of the rest. A good digital agency would also help you make sense of all the data you’ll be getting.

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